Small tips to clean the kitchen

The kitchen is a difficult hygienic area in the house, you usually spend a lot of time to be able to clean the kitchen. Kitchens often stagnant grease, smell of food and dirt, in order to be clean, you will have to use soap to dispel grease from the kitchen, the wall. Deodorant is also very importance, the smell of food in the kitchen area can be disappeared by deodorant. The tips below will help you clean the kitchen quickly and deodorize effectively without take a lot of money to buy a kitchen detergent.


Lemon not only cleansing effect but also has excellent deodorant ability, giving a natural lemon fragrance. Not to use any deodorant, but the effect is too great.

The lemon slices into small slices, put in a small bowl with water, turn on the microwave on high temperature for about 1 minute. Then let the oven cool down, use a towel to wipe inside, the smell of food in the microwave will disappear.

For some things made from copper, use thin slices of lime mixed with salt, then use them to rub the surface of the items. The surface will return to shiny like new. This can also be used for some other metal objects such as knives, spoons, forks…

Furthermore, to remove dirt in areas such as the refrigerator, cupboard … You can dilute some lemon juice with water, after that use that liquor absorbent a towel to wipe off dirt easily.

Salt is also considered a substance that can help clean the kitchen without affecting the environment and the user. Salt can be used to clean pots and pans from cast iron. We can use more salt to clean the surface of metal objects as new.

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