HungHau Security Services Trading Co., Ltd is proud of being a provider of general services: Industrial hygiene services; Home hygiene services; Office cleaning services; Mechanical maintenance service; Supervision and protection services. Through the optimal technology solutions, HungHau Security Services Trading Co., Ltd wants to create a green, clean and healthy environment, and a sense of relaxation for customers. From that, contribute to increasing productivity.

Established from 2015 to present HungHau Security Services Trading Co., Ltd is a member company of HungHau Holdings. During the time of operation, the Company has served and provided services for: Van Hien University, Tran Han MTV Co., Ltd., Hoan Chau Investment Co.,

Ltd., Seafood Joint Stock Company No. 9, HungHau Development Joint Stock Company, Hung Hau Agriculture Joint Stock Company, Hoa Sua Trading Co., Ltd, TaBiTha …

In order to become a professional integrated services provider, we constantly improve our professional knowledge and provide optimal solutions to maintain and increase the life of our clients’ assets. With the aspirations is always dedicated, conscientious service to improve the quality of service, quickly bring out the solutions with highest efficiency and lowest cost.