Mechanical maintenance service is an important role in the production and daily life, the correct functioning of the system will lead to many benefits, such as: prevent damage and ensure optimum performance for the air conditioner system; savings Budget easily cause there will be no incidental charges for repairs; reduce power consumption to help protect the environment… particular and careful maintenance helps to prolong the life of the equipment. Periodic inspections help keep the equipment in optimum condition for accurate temperature control.

With a staff of highly trained technicians from the air conditioner manufacturers, we know about central air conditioners, industrial air conditioners, home air conditioners …… Beside the modern support tools and passionate staff, we hope to serve customers quickly and effectively.

The after-sales service department is always listen to, answer customers’ questions satisfactorily. We are committed to check the air conditioner problems during the day.

Treat the installation errors in 24 hours. We hope to response the optimal interests of customers anytime and anywhere.